SSL Certificates

Wildcard certificate type can protect many sub-domains in the specified domain. For example Wildcard certificate issued to * will work with addresses,,, as well as the main address

The biggest advantages of such certificates are:

1. Easy to manage. When using a single certificate it is possible to multiple IP transmission encryption.

2. One IP address.Single IP address is required for one certificate. In this case there is no need to acquire (and pay) the additional IP addresses.

3. Cost reduction. When using a single certificate we can protect multiple addresses.


What you need to know before ordering a Wildcard SSL certificate:

1. Cooperation with mobile devices. Certificates homeSSL and True BusinessID Wildcard work with mobile devices, but not all (for example, appropriate support Wildcard certificates offer Windows Mobile from version 6.0).

2. Encryption complicated subdomains. After obtaining a Wildcard certificate (eg * address) and the desire to use it to encrypt the complicated subdomains (for example,, etc.) you should know that although Wildcard SSL Certificate browsers will report the address error. Certificate will work properly eg address. This is not a certificate error, but browser, however the message may have a negative impact on the user. Similar messages can be found in other browsers. In this case, we recommend ordering a certificate for a well-defined domain name (SSL certificate without the 'Wildcard').

If you wish to purchase certificate for use on mobile devices, WEB - STUDIO recommends selection of a certificate for a precisely specified domain name.

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