Why we?

SerwerSMS undertakes educational and promotional activities showing that SMS is to optimize the operating costs, increase competitiveness of companies and the development of regions (sending messages to inhibitants about cultural events, text messages warning of the dangers) etc.

We show you good sides of direct messages used in marketing and the different systems. We profess the philosophy of "Bright side of SMS communication."

Experience which has the meaning

Since 2006 SerwerSMS is a platform that offers bulk SMS messaging. Thus, we give you stable and safe system of SMS dispatch but also our knowledge, experience and "know how" that ensure effectivity in SMS communication with Your customers. Monthly giving them more than 30 million SMS messages, so we can offer you an unbeatable price offer.


Choice of the most demanding

The regular customers of service SerwerSMS are companies such as VOLVO,, British Council, Energa, the Krakow City Council and many others. Choosing SerwerSMS you get a guarantee of quality, price and user-friendly service.

System almost perfect

As suggested by our users the platform SerwerSMS is still improved and enriched with new features. If you do not find in our offer any solutions you need - tell us about it!


SMS messaging

Short Message Service - service of sending short text messages
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MMS messaging

Multimedia Messaging Service - service of sending short multimedia messages
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VOICE / VMS messaging

Voice Message System - service of sending voice messages
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SMS and MMS receiving

service of receiving messages in the system
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Premium SMS

Premium Rate SMS - service of receiving text messages
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HLR register

HLR - Home Location Register
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Prices & Packages

Information for Prices
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