Bulk MMS Messaging

MMS in SerwerSMS is the first Polish platform for bulk multimedia messaging with the use of direct connection to the GSM Operators of MMSC systems.

Therefore, we give a rapid implementation of dispatch and guarantee high quality maintaining an attractive price.

Multimedia Messages

Different formats and multimedia files to 300 KB

  • expanded text contents (in this way you can send really long commercial messages, contracts, terms of use, rules of promotions, competitions)
  • video contents and animations (film clips, animations, commercials, movie trailers, graphic and multimedia presentations, demo games, applications)
  • images, static 2D graphics (covers of magazines, CDs, books, fragments of advertising newspapers, static banners, logos, maps directions, projects, schemes)
  • multimedia messages with audio elements (commercial radio spots, messages, MP3 files, extracts audio tracks, voice-over records)

File formats

  • application: xls, xlm, xla, xlc, xlt, xlw, doc, dot, ppt, pps, pot, rtf, tgz, tar, zip, pdf, smi, smil, ogg, cab, odf, otc, odc
  • sound: mid, midi, kar, rmi, mpga, mp2, mp2a, mp3, m2a, m3a, mp3, m3u, wav, wma, aif, aiff, aifc, ram, ra
  • graphic, picture: gif, jpeg, jpg, jpe, png, svg, svgz, djvu, djv, wbmp, wbmp, ico
  • text, code: txt, text, conf, def, list, log, rtx, csv, java, vcf, vcs
  • video: 3gp, 3g2, qt, mov, asf, asx, avi, movie, mp4, mp4v, mpg4, mpeg, mpg, mpe, m1v, m2v
  • You can add non-standard formats not listed above - for this purpose, please contact our office.