Server capacity. As part of our server you get disk space for the content of your Web site - HTML pages, graphics files published by the Web and FTP, SQL, and e-mail.

Web services support

For each Web server can be assigned multiple Internet domains. Some of them will point to the main folder of this account, while some may be redirected to a subfolder without additional charge. For example, if you have domain name, you can configure it so that when entering the the browser will show the content placed in an account established within the subdirectory. With this service, you can assign individual addresses to each domain, fragments of their choice website. Domain Forwarding to a subfolder is free of charge.

Accounts on the FTP server

FTP account allows immediate placement of the ??web pages on our server and its subsequent updates. This way you can decide yourself when you want to publish or change an existing web page. The server has one main FTP account. Each FTP account created in the service of Unix-like can gain functional access to the resources of the entire account. In this way, for example service webmaster will be able to make changes to your pages, without knowing the main password.

MySQL / InnoDB

Access to MySQL databases allow you to create dynamic Web site or database or search engine system. The advantage of using databases is the speed, universal query language and easy database management through shared our panel - phpMyAdmin.

PostgreSQL Database

PostgreSQL is an object-relational database system, having a lot of useful options:
  • Foreign Keys - automatically bind the data in several tables
  • Trigger - running a function depending on the specific events
  • Views - simplified access to data that may be the result of a complex query.
To provide a specific database management panel - phpPgAdmin.

MS SQL Database

MS SQL is a solution that provides huge potential for efficiency and scalability. Base capacity is not related to the capacity of the server. Database Management takes place through a simple and effective mechanism - myLittleAdmin. You can also remotely connect to the database.

The local MS Access Database

Thanks to a local MS Access database it is possible to create a simple and quick application. The advantage to this: the maximum capacity of 1GB, that creates a very functional, does not require a significant investment service and the ability to edit the database through the Microsoft Office software package.

FTP access to a separate directory

With this functionality you can create an FTP account that allows access only to a selected directory within the space intended for the publication of Web pages. This is a great tool for coworkers who, for example transfer files and data, and should not have access to the entire account.

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The individual space breakdown

You can divide the space available in server between web services, FTP, SQL, and e-mail. These proportions can change at any time via the control panel.

Unlimited email accounts

The main e-mail account can be divided into smaller, min. 50 MB Mailbox box type. Activation of each account reduces the space of ?? your Catch-all account. Each account has a username, password and additional services (Administration Panel).


Each account has a web service extensions mod-rewrite, which allow rewriting links. Because of this, you can create friendly links within your website - they will raise legibility and position of your website in search engine results such as Google.

Annual transfer package

For user-generated traffic (transfer) consisting of services available within the server (eg Web - HTTP, FTP, mail - SMTP, IMAP, POP3). Local traffic (generated by queries such as local service crawler / cgibin / search or local email program to the POP3 server) is not counted. As part of our server package we offer unlimited annual and monthly transfer package.

The main e-mail account with the Catch-all function

Surface of the Web server that you defined for the purpose of e-mail account is initially one of the Catch-All feature, which allows the use of an unlimited number of email aliases. This way, your mailbox will capture all mail addressed to your domain - and so the mail sent to the address of the form: any_name@domain, unless there are additional accounts of a particular name.

Antifraud - SMTP authentication

SMTP Authentication is secure to prevent shipping mail without prior authorization. In this way, our servers protect you against impersonation in your e-mail address demanding applications and password at every attempt of shipment via e-mail program.


Autoresponder is a feature that allows you to provide an automatic response to a letter which appeared in your inbox. After receiving email system will send to the correspondent pre-defined answer. You can always download original letter from the server and contact the sender. It is worth noting that the autoresponder will not work for consignments originating from mailing lists, and call forwarding.

SSL Secured Mail

Using e-mail programs for e-mail you can choose a secure SSL connection. This increases the security of data transmission between your computer and the email server.


Our services are fully commercial. We do not send to your account any advertising and we do not share your personal information and e-mail address to other companies. We protect you against spam - ??on our servers we have installed multi-level anti-spam protection which automatically block most of the direct mail.


Viruses and so called Internet worms sent by e-mail network is a real plague in the online world. There is a programm installed on server which is scanning and rejecting consignments of unpleasant surprises.


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Cyclical scripting - CRON

The script located in the main folder of the web accounts can be cyclically induced by CRON. This service allows you to start a programm at a specified time, hourly, daily, weekly or monthly.

Access to pages with password

Creating a hidden directory allows you to protect the website from unauthorized access. The accounts and passwords is useful if the parties want to share administrative part of the site only to particular people. Flexible configuration allows you to freely define who is or who should not have access to specific resources.

SSL Certificate

SSL provides enhanced data security such as information gathering and processing. Communication between the server and the user is then encoded and virtually impossible to break by an outside person. Using SSL for your domain need to purchase the appropriate certificate.

Your IP address

Your IP address ensures proper operation of older browsers from the Web server. Your IP address also causes that all services (Web, FTP, Mail servers) can be used in a domain registered by you without the need to use for this purpose addresses provided by the ISP.

Administrative Panel

Admin Panel is account management on a server. In here, at any time you can change your password, you can access statistics, configure parameters and check the status of your account.

Free Technical Support

As part of the subscription, all WEB-STUDIO customers are able to obtain technical support, either by phone, by e-mail, and chat online via a web page.

Efficient and sustainable servers

To maintain the accounts of our users, we use a cluster of more than 2630 Intel server platforms, TYAN and Chenbro. Facilities are also network switches, routers and Cisco firewalls. Data protection provides backup system based on servers with disk arrays with a total capacity of about 1300 TB and is still increasing. For the purposes of the services provided was created our own original web server software, which is able to handle tens of millions of calls per day. In addition to other Internet protocols works optimized services servers that we have integrated with distributed base of users and domains. As a result, the network account, you can set up and administer the appropriate panels using our websites.

Regular backup

All data on the servers are secured with backup. This allows us to restore any deleted or modified crops.

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