e-Mail Support

sales@web-studio24.co.uk - Support with your service, invoice, payment etc.

support@web-studio24.co.uk - General technical support.

seo@web-studio24.co.uk - Search Engine Optimization.

server@web-studio24.co.uk - Support with any problems with server configuration, general server and hosting problems:

domain@web-studio24.co.uk - Support with registration, configuration or transfer of your domain.

dns@web-studio24.co.uk - DNS

ip@web-studio24.co.uk - Support with IP order and configuration.

ssl@web-studio24.co.uk - SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) is the standard security technology for establishing an encrypted link between a web server and a browser.

cloud@web-studio24.co.uk - With Box, you can store all kinds of files online ‚Äď from presentations, school papers, photos and videos to financials, spreadsheets and taxes. Keep everything organised in folders just like on your desktop.

mailing@web-studio24.co.uk - Straight into the hands of your future customers E-mail marketing is a form of direct marketing which use e-mail as a tool for communication.

livechat@web-studio24.co.uk - Focus on speed of response Colors of customer circles will tell you which client requires your attention.

design@web-studio24.co.uk - Design Webside.

abuse@web-studio24.co.uk - Abuse.

spoof@web-studio24.co.uk - Spoof.

phishing@web-studio24.co.uk - Phishing.

printing@web-studio24.co.uk - Printing.

feedback@web-studio24.co.uk - Feedback.

Domains Transfer


DNS servers

ns1.web-studio24.co.uk OR

ns2.web-studio24.co.uk OR

ns3.web-studio24.co.uk OR

ns4.web-studio24.co.uk OR

Protocols Ports SSL Ports

25 (niezalecany) 

POP3 110 995
IMAP 143 993


POP3 Server: web-studio24.co.uk OR Your Adress

IMAP Server: web-studio24.co.uk OR Your Adress

SMTP Server: web-studio24.co.uk OR Your Adress

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