e-Mail Support

sales@web-studio24.co.uk - Support with your service, invoice, payment etc.

support@web-studio24.co.uk - General technical support.

seo@web-studio24.co.uk - Search Engine Optimization.

server@web-studio24.co.uk - Support with any problems with server configuration, general server and hosting problems:

domain@web-studio24.co.uk - Support with registration, configuration or transfer of your domain.

dns@web-studio24.co.uk - DNS

ip@web-studio24.co.uk - Support with IP order and configuration.

ssl@web-studio24.co.uk - SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) is the standard security technology for establishing an encrypted link between a web server and a browser.

cloud@web-studio24.co.uk - With Box, you can store all kinds of files online – from presentations, school papers, photos and videos to financials, spreadsheets and taxes. Keep everything organised in folders just like on your desktop.

mailing@web-studio24.co.uk - Straight into the hands of your future customers E-mail marketing is a form of direct marketing which use e-mail as a tool for communication.

livechat@web-studio24.co.uk - Focus on speed of response Colors of customer circles will tell you which client requires your attention.

design@web-studio24.co.uk - Design Webside.

abuse@web-studio24.co.uk - Abuse.

spoof@web-studio24.co.uk - Spoof.

phishing@web-studio24.co.uk - Phishing.

printing@web-studio24.co.uk - Printing.

feedback@web-studio24.co.uk - Feedback.

Domains Transfer


DNS servers

ns1.web-studio24.co.uk OR

ns2.web-studio24.co.uk OR

ns3.web-studio24.co.uk OR

ns4.web-studio24.co.uk OR

Protocols Ports SSL Ports

25 (niezalecany) 

POP3 110 995
IMAP 143 993


POP3 Server: web-studio24.co.uk OR Your Adress

IMAP Server: web-studio24.co.uk OR Your Adress

SMTP Server: web-studio24.co.uk OR Your Adress

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