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E-mail marketing is a form of direct marketing which use e-mail as a tool for communication. The original function of mailing has evolved from pure communication to marketing usage. Business is interested in the use of mailing as a tool increase sales, and there is nothing strange unusual this – e-mail is used by billions of internauts on the whole world. Nowadays e-mail is a mass media equal to the TV, radio or press. - The strength of e-mail marketing is:
- Fast delivery of personalized information,
- Selectivity of messages – targeting,
- Measurability of this form of promotion,
- Optimization of costs .

Customers who are regularly informed more often visit e.g. the online shops, from which they receive information. They know that the service will be professional and helpful.When they receive information about promotions, sales and lower prices of products, they’ will certainly pay attention to this.

The most popular tools of e-mail marketing are:
- Newsletter,
- Daily mailing,
- Commercials in e-mail messages.

E-mail marketing, besides SEO, is one of the most effective way to promote Your business on the internet.

Mailing Systems Marketing

- quick transmission of personalized informations,
- selective media i.e. targeting,
- measurability of this form of promotion,
- high performance communications,
- cost-effectiveness.

Customers who are kept informed – for example prefer to visit the store from which they receive messages, indeed that the service is professional. When they receive information about promotional product prices, sales and exciting offers they will pay attention to this.

Mailing Systems Marketing

The most popular e-mail marketing tools are:

- company newsletter,
- internal newsletter,
- Electronic logs,
- advertising by e-mail.

Advertising on the Internet, is one of the few segments in which the market recorded an increase in revenue in 2009 in last year’s. E-marketing strategies strongly dominate e-mail marketing, which is now – along with positioning considered one of the most effective forms of promotions.

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