Get 100 MB Free and Be Organised(Cloud Panel)

With Box, you can store all kinds of files online – from presentations, school papers, photos and videos to financials, spreadsheets and taxes. Keep everything organised in folders just like on your desktop
Easy to Use With our 100 MB of free storage when you sign up for a Box account. And, you can easily upgrade online for even more storage and features.
Your Files Everywhere Sync your files to your desktop. View them on the web. Or, get them on your phone or tablet. Your files can be anywhere you are.


An Easier Way to Share

When your files are in the cloud, you can easily share them with others. There's no fussing with attachments or worry over losing them in email. No More Attachments Easily share files with friends, family and colleagues—no matter how big they are—by simply sending a link.
Work With Others You can invite others to your folders so they can upload, edit and download files – making it easy to complete a class project, plan a family vacation or gather all your wedding photos.
Comments You can also comment on files directly in Box, so you don't lose important notes in emails.


Your Files Are Safe

Once your files are on Box, they're not going anywhere. You get the same level of security as our business and enterprise customers.
Don't Lose Files A stolen laptop or lost mobile phone doesn't have to mean lost files. When your files are stored in the cloud, you'll never lose family photos, financial information or the latest draft of your school paper..
Peace of Mind Box data centres, facilities and operations are Safe Harbour certified. Box also encrypts your data at transfer with high-grade SSL and at rest with 256-bit AES..
Manage Access You can sync any folder of which you're an editor or owner. You can set permissions so users with view-only access are not able to sync files or folders..


The Secure Content Platform

Cloud WEB-STUDIO24 transforms the way you share, manage and collaborate on your most valuable corporate information. Designed without compromise between security and ease-of-use, Cloud WEB-STUDIO24 allows every employee to securely work across teams, with customers, and with partners - on any device, anywhere. Adopt Cloud WEB-STUDIO24 as your secure content platform to keep sensitive documents out of email and away from insecure consumer services.


Trusted, Secure and Collaborative

Procter & Gamble, Netflix, Toyota, Stanford University. Name an industry leader, and chances are Box helps them collaborate on their most important business information—simply and securely, from any device. From family firms to Fortune 500 powerhouses, Box works seamlessly with organisations of all sizes. See below for the full story on how we help companies in your industry.


Access, Share and Protect Personal Data

Use Cloud WEB-STUDIO24 to store, manage and share your files securely in the cloud. Access your content anywhere you might need it: web, tablet or phone. Plus, you can share large files with a simple link and work on projects with your friends, family or colleagues from anywhere.


Contacts Cloud Shared contacts for the entire company to help manage communication within the company and beyond.

Finally, you are independent from employees who have gone on vacation, ill, or changed their job. All contacts are in a shared database and it is always accessible. Your new vendor can quickly take over after another employee and continue talking business in a continuous mode.

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